Equipment and Tools


In order to help you navigate the Center more easily, we’ve grouped our tools based on similarities between safety considerations between each, and to help us split our Safety Orientation training sessions up into manageable chunks.


Level 1

Vinyl Cutter
(On Order)
Cricut Cutter
3D Scanner
Silk Screen
Handheld Tools
Google Vision & Voice
Raspberry Pi
Arduino Flora

We also have a wide range of sensors, hardware attached accessories (HATs), and peripherals for running these, such as touch screens, keyboards, and mice.


Level 2

Laser Cutter
3D Printer

We also have a range of adhesives, and a fume hood for working with fume-related materials, such as spray paint, adhesives with vapors, and soldering,


Level 3

Band Saw
Drill Press
Orbital Sander
Impact Driver/Screw Guns