Project Gallery

Two students with Monster's Inc. costumes

Tools used: Sewing machine
Creators: Attendees of Halloween workshop

Sloth embroidery with the words "Take Time to Chill"
Creator: Spencer Bruce
Chess set
Tools Used: 3D printer, Laser cutter
Creator: Aaron Kinard
White and gray shirt with text "Familia"
Tools Used: Embroidery machine
Creator: Mary Millan
Red hat with embroidery "Gen Why"
Tools Used: Embroidery machine
Creator: Spencer Bruce
Loom with white and navy weaving
Tools Used: Wood tools, hand tools
Creator: Mary Clare Greenlees
Student holding up a portrait of a woman
Tools Used: laser cutter
Students at the Halloween workshop
Tools Used: Button maker
Creators: Attendees of Halloween workshop
Tool board with various t-shirts beneath it
Tools Used: Screen printing, vinyl cutting
Creator: Ralph Goche’s class, Design Futures
Students working on wearable costumes
Creators: Attendees of Halloween workshop
Tools Used: laser cutter, drill
Creator: Isabella Norris
Patterned wood carving
Tools Used: Orbital sander, miter saw
Creator: Justin Ramos
Contoured wood carving
Tools Used: Carvey
Creator: Anna Carlson
Student cutting out pieces of cardboard
Tools Used: Hand tools, hot glue
Creator: Member of KCST
Tools Used: Jig saw, orbital sander
Student working on a project with rolls of film
Tools Used: Laser Cutter
Tools Used: Spray paint in fume hood
Creator: KCST member
Students working on screen printing project
Tools Used: Vinyl cutting, Screen printing
Creator: Emily and Halloween workshop participants