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Made at the Design Center

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Refugee Reintegration Program, 2021-2022

Designer: Aishah Bostani, Design Center Post-baccalaureate Fellow 2021-22

The Refugee Reintegration Program is a sustainable micro-community that facilitates healthy development among internally displaced populations. This project aims to tackle the exponentially growing population of 84 million refugees, many of which spend an average of 17 years in squalor camps. Through fluid infrastructures that are designed with permanence in mind, these spaces will create opportunities for self-sufficiency through the environmental and economic practices that are promoted across the site. The design for this project was influenced by the Organic Architecture of Javier Senosiain, the Earthship Biotecture of Michael Reynolds, and Ceramic Houses by Nader Khalili.

Medium: 3D printed domes, lasercut chipboard and acrylic, vacu-formed greenhouse


Dispersion, 2021

Designer: Kevin Li

Dispersion was created to simulate the particle movements that exist in New York City’s water systems. The dialysis tubing used in the model is a semi-permeable material that allows smaller particles (i.e. iodine) to diffuse from a region of high concentration to low concentration, much like how water pipes move fresh water from a single source to different parts of the city.

Medium: Lasercut basswood, acrylic rods, dialysis tubing, plastic cups, water, iodine

Made by Anna Carlson, 2019

Topographical map carved into wooden cutting board using the Carvey CNC machine

Made by Jade Thompson, 2019

Tools Used: Sewing Machine and Serger

Made by Shannon Hui, 2019

Tools Used: 3D Printers, Laser Cutter, and Wood Working Tools

Made by Margaret Maguire, 2019

Utilizing the Laser Cutter and Wood Working Tools

Made by Aaron Kinard, 2019

Tools Used: 3D Printers and Laser Cutter

Made by Eli Duncan, 2019

Made in the Design Center utilizing the laser cutter and woodworking tools