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zine cover: person holding Black Lives Matter sign


Artificial Womb #41 by Ana Hine, August 2020

zine cover: Artificial Womb #42: drawing of window, calendar, and laptop with Zoom open--all inside a lightbulb


Artificial Womb #42 by Ana Hine, September 2020

zine cover: album cover looking art with handwritten, all caps title


Blackout Records: A Taphonomy of Queer Addiction by Jesse Eisenmann in collaboration with Rachel Mattson, 2020

read online

Expression Through Sewing by Kelly Grey, 2020

zine cover: drawing of masked person with an undercut, standing near a plant
zine cover: sideways eye? not sure!


Sick Note: A Perzine #1 by Ana Hine, July 2020

zine cover: handwritten title Social Distanzine: An Easy Guide
zine cover: letterpress stars and crescent moon


Thirty Sunsets and a Moon vol. 1 by Ashley J. May and Jessica Lewis Stevens, 2020

Acquired from the Creator

glossy zine cover: illustration of tea cup spilling tea


Spill #1 by Ilana Rubin, 2019

glossy zine cover: blonde person spilling a tea cup


Spill #2 by Ilana Rubin, 2019

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Islamic cooking.